The Intelligent Traveller's Guide to a Working Holiday in Australia


Curious and intelligent... You're just what we are looking for!


Are you wanting to experience a working holiday in Australia? In order to make your life, and this decision, a little easier we’ve put together some information to help you navigate the process.

Download our free guide, 'The Intelligent Traveller's Guide To A Working Holiday in Australia’ and discover everything you need to know in order to make this pipe dream a reality.

We’ll explain how to apply for a tax file number (TFN) and open a bank account all before you pack your bags. You will also discover what kind of hospitality jobs are most suitable for the intelligent and professional working traveller.

Discover other vital points like:

  • What is the best time of the year to work and travel in Australia ?
  • Where are the best places to work ?
  • Can I be sponsored during my stay ?
  • What is the average weekly pay ?
  • Do Kangaroos really fight each other in the street ?